Outdoor Learning Space

Work consisted of an initial site inspection, detailed survey and liaison with client and school officials, and design and setting out of outdoor learning/activity areas in the main school quadrant.  Work required removal of a redundant water feature, excavation, laying concrete edging kerbs, sub base, block paving, and erection of sun sail shades which consisted of large diameter steel posts with a post-tensioned sail roof.  An existing nature area was modified by providing better access paths with timber log edging, constructing and reconstructing stone dust paths and removal and relocation of benches and litter bins.  The initial phase within the quadrant was programmed around half-term due to plant being required to move materials in and out of the area.  However, pedestrian management plans had to be instigated due to unscheduled filming taking place during the same week.  Close liaison with the film company ensured safe access and egress to the site and safe movements within it.


Duration 8 Weeks and completed on time within budget to the high quality standard required by client.

Performance Rating