Work at Fibre 7 comprised of:

  • Design of all works identified i.e. site investigation; kiln bases; silo base and bund; surface yard; drainage and surfaces
  • Excavation of the existing concrete and tarmac yard area
  • Cut and fill operation to achieve desired levels and falls were carried out
  • Existing surfacing was crushed on site and the recycled material processed to achieve a quality reusable product and then incorporated into the works
  • Surface water drainage provisions were provided with carrier drain 225mm diameter, road gullies and channels connecting to the existing system, all with minimum falls available
  • The drying kilns required construction of reinforced concrete pads to be provided, a bunded area for 5 product silos was constructed with re-enforced concrete walls and base all designed for point loading of the silos and products within the kilns
  • A precast concrete service chase was constructed from the main building to provide communications, electric, water and gas to the kilns across the service yard
  • The service yard received full construction with re-enforced concrete surfacing to achieve the desired force.

Additionally, alterations to the sub structure to the existing building, were carried out. Trail excavations were made to investigate the existing foundation and ground conditions. Design carried out and enlarged foundation pads incorporating the integrity of the existing work cast, to allow for alterations to the super structure